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ImageMagick Tidbits

These pages provide some useful ImageMagick Tidbits that I have collected. They are expressed in command line format and may involve the use of Unix commands as well.

Most are not included in Anthony Thyssen's extensive Examples pages.

However, I have to thank Anthony, since many of these techniques were learned from him.

For use of these commands on Windows, PHP and other APIs, see Anthony's page on API And Scripting

The RubbleWebs site also has some good notes on implementing IM with PHP and a snippets section.

My ImageMagick Scripts are also available

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ImageMagick Home Page

ImageMagick Installations

ImageMagick Command Options

ImageMagick Reference Index

ImageMagick Usage Examples

ImageMagick String Formats

ImageMagick Test Images

ImageMagick Image Formats

ImageMagick Pseudo-Image Formats

ImageMagick Image Patterns

ImageMagick Color Formats

ImageMagick Color Names

ImageMagick Image Types

ImageMagick Color Spaces

ImageMagick Drawing Primitives

ImageMagick Show_Fonts Script

ImageMagick Scripts

ImageMagick Display Options

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(as of IM
convert -list list all functions
convert -list list list all -list options
convert -list channel list of all image -channel options
convert -list color list of all color names and values
convert -list colorspace list of all -colorspace options
convert -list compose list of all -compose options
convert -list configure list of your IM version information
convert -list decoration list of all text decorations
convert -list filter list of all -filter options
convert -list font list of all supported fonts (on your system)
convert -list format list of all image formats
convert -list gravity list of all -gravity positioning options
convert -list primitive list of all -draw primitive shapes
convert -list style list of all text styles
convert -list threshold list of all dither/halftone options
convert -list type list of all image types
convert -list virtual-pixel list of all -virtual-pixel options