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Converts the 42 phash float values for an image to a string of 168 digits.

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last modified: December 15, 2018

USAGE: phashconvert infile

PURPOSE: To convert the 42 phash float values for an image to a string of 168 digits

DESCRIPTION: PHASHCONVERT converts the 42 phash (perceptual hash) float values for an image to a string of 168 digits. The string of digits will be listed at the terminal. The string can be stored in a database for later comparison with another string.

NOTE: see phashcompare to compare strings from two different images.

CAVEAT: No guarantee that this script will work on all platforms, nor that trapping of inconsistent parameters is complete and foolproof. Use At Your Own Risk.


Original Image


phashconvert zelda3.jpg

PHASH String
(168 digits with no breaks)

006200400558016804020230048102210974044807760310092505270049002003050156030801620336 015706590318050402350734037100480053027803540303034103320375065207350506058107020794